What do we do?

We are a multidisciplinary center which assures you constant support and a personalized approach to set up a tailor-made program, slimming or not, with medical checkups.

Furthermore, we take care of patients who suffer from excess weight, nutritional disorders as well as patients with other pathologies which diets can help ! A few examples being : regional enteritis (Crohn illness), chronic constipation, anorexia, bulimia, side-effects due to cancer, auto-immune illnesses, etc...

In case of weight loss, it is best to stay on the achieved target weight. To achieve this, the patient must be conscious of the various mistakes made in the past which caused the weight gain. Every step of weight loss is a learning process which will allow the patient to come to terms with the vast universe of nutrition.

Every food plan is a personalized therapy and the doctor, having talked it over with the patient, will decide which type of program, be it either protein, combined or classic, is best suited. This choice will also take into account the patient's motivation, his ability to stick to a strict food plan, his social obligations and his financial capacity.

The first consultation aims to determine the patient's general health, and is also based on a blood test.

If the blood test shows that the patient's blood parameters are non-standard, the physician will adjust the excesses and/or deficiencies before beginning any program. Under no condition may the physician ignore this rule as it is essential for the patient's health and future well-being.

At the following consultation a concrete slimming program is presented. The next consultations will aim at adapting the program in view of the patient's weight loss and psychological state, as well as his capacity to follow the program (professional obligations, family situations...) The medical follow-up is essential to achieve long-term success.

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