Excess weight and obesity have become public health problems.

Obesity, an illness in our plentiful and increasingly sedentary society, has become a global epidemic. This condition is typical of a society which has lost its markers and its food diversity.

Having acknowledged this fact helps to understand that dealing with this growing pathology has drawn the special attention of all the health actors who hold a key role in prevention as well as in early screening and taking it in charge.

Excess weight leads to obesity and consequently to a variety of complications (cardiovascular, respiratory, rheumatology...).

The development of possible complications depends on the proportion of excess weight, the distribution of fat and obviously other associated risk factors.

You can diminish your risk considerably by losing 10 to 15% of your weight. Notwithstanding the medical considerations, it's important for you to rebuild your body-image and to recover your self-esteem.

It has now been proven that what is in our plates has an important impact on our health. Our life expectancy has increased considerably but also has the frequency of illness. Our environment has a major impact on the aging process. Unbalanced feeding habits no longer satisfy the primary needs of our body and its cells. Consequently we observe precocious aging. Aging is intrinsic (inside) and exogenous (aspect of the skin etc...). The current problem is that we must deal with pollution, radiation, chemical products etc... which further accelerate the aging process.

Two principles make us age :

1) glycation (= browning of our body)
2) oxidization (= rust)

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