First and second appointment (for a diet program)

During our first meeting, you will receive detailed explanations of how we work as well as the different programs that are available.

This is the moment we carry out a motivation test and draw up your medical file based on the following data:

- Blood test : either you bring your blood count or we do a blood test on the spot
- Evaluation of your anthropometric data (weight, height, waist circumference, BMI Body Mass Index)
- Medical history and medication
- Physical examination by the doctor to determine your profile
- Determination of the essential biological assessment (thyroid gland, kidneys, liver...)
- Determination of the cause of excess weight
- Type of professional occupation?
- Does sports or not? Physical activity?
- Identification of the possible counter-indications

We put a lot of emphasis on what you expect from us and what would be the ideal moment to begin the slimming program. We also inform you of the budget required and all other items that must be considered.

During the second appointment, we review the results of the blood count, we calculate your ideal weight and establish a program and a calendar depending on the chosen program: protein diet, combined or classic.

The doctor, in agreement with the patient, determines the best-adapted diet. The doctor then maps out the journey. The aim is to have the fat melt while maintaining the muscle mass. The muscle mass must not shrink during the slimming process (remember that our heart is a muscle).

An unbalanced diet, deficient in proteins, reduces the muscle mass. This in turn reduces the basic metabolism (the body’s daily consumption); the body burns less calories and the fat mass increases. In a nutshell, that is a summary of the yo-yo effect.

In terms of determining your ideal weight, it does not always match the weight you wish to reach; if your ideal weight is 70kg but you only want to reach 80kg, we will adapt the program accordingly. The main point is that together, we reach the objective that you set yourself, while preserving your health.

During the following appointments, your weight will be checked every time. Our aim is to enable you to lose fat, not muscle. The diet is constantly scrutinized and adapted.


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