The Combined Program

1. How it works

The mixed program is a combination of a balanced diet and a “modern” protein program.

The outline of a mixed program is made up of 3 main meals (excluding starches, rice, pasta, potatoes...) and 2 to 3 protein sachets for snacks (to preserve your muscular mass as much as possible).

During each checkup where not only the weight but also the patient’s motivation is assessed, the amount of carbohydrates can be increased. Once the desired weight has been reached, stabilization remains essential.

2. The advantages

Why choose this type of program instead of a protein diet or a classic program?

Although the protein program has the advantage of accelerating the loss of fat, it must be followed 100%. The least slip will block your ketone state for 3 days. The classic program instead is more flexible; all types of food are authorized. The dietitian draws up your diet according to your needs.

The combined program is an excellent diet for those who find that the protein diet is too strict, or those who know that this type of diet does not suit them or for those who are satisfied with losing +/- 1kg a week.

Often, the combined program is the ideal choice for those wanting to lose five kilos.


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