The Classic Program

1. How it works

A balanced diet is a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and limited in fat and sugar… We are almost all aware of these basic principles and yet they are much easier to name than to apply.

2. Outline of the diet

To draw up a classic program, one of the first requirements is a detailed diet anamnesis to have the best knowledge of the patients eating habits. The amount eaten, the food chosen and its the preparation, are all important factors.

The patient is often not conscious of the recent changes that have taken place in their eating habits. Social obligations and weekends are also very important and must be taken into account.

3. Advantages

Once the dietitian has analyzed your diet, she will draw up your personalized program taking into account your needs and wishes. The advantage to the low-calorie diet is that it is much more flexible, and all types of food are accepted, even a biscuit.

4. The food guide pyramid

The food guide pyramid is the basis for a balanced diet. The dietitian draws up a personalized diet plan. Losing 0.5 to 1kg a week is a healthy average. Losing more weight with this kind of program may cause muscle loss, which is never desirable.

In this context we no longer refer to a specific program, what is taught instead are healthy eating habits, which are the final targets of any method.

The food guide pyramid is a guideline of the recommended proportions we need to eat to have the necessary nutriments for a balanced diet. These recommendations are established according to an average healthy population that is physically active. Each food element supplies us with a different share of nutrients. The variety of food and the intake of food from different groups ensure the adequate supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The top of the food guide pyramid is composed of extras.

Food pyramid

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The food guide pyramid has recently been given a new group, which is « physical activity ».

The combination of a healthy diet and physical activity is essential for an overall healthy condition.

Moderate physical activity strengthens your muscle mass, prevents osteoporosis, improves your cardiovascular and pulmonary capacities.  It is advisable to do 30 min of physical activity per day, or 60 min every other day. Choose an activity, which can fit into your daily schedule such as biking, walking or taking the stairs.

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